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Did you hear that? That's the sound of items on your checklist disappearing.

I can't wait to meet you! Since I crave depth in my life, I want to make sure I give your response my full attention. That means it may take me a few hours to get back to you. You should expect to hear from me within 24 business hours.

In the meantime, I have some fun things in store for you! Check your email inbox.

What will our first call be like?

This is my favorite part of the process! It's important we feel out if we’re the right fit for each other. I want to make sure you feel comfortable and that we have a genuine connection that allows us to create great work together!


How do I book you?

After we chat, if we both feel like it's a match, I'll send you a contract and ask for an initial deposit to get the ball rolling. Once we’re squared away, you can kick back and relax. I'll guide us through the rest of the process!


I love your work, but I'm not sure I can justify the investment now. What makes this price worth it?


 I totally get it! Here’s what makes me stand out from the crowd: my services mixed with my branding beliefs! Not only do I take the burden of managing schedules, choosing outfits and general planning off your plate, but I’m also dedicated to helping you reach your business goals. 

What do I wear?


This might just be the most stressful part of having your photo taken! I want you to look and feel fabulous on shoot day so I’ll provide you with tons of tips and guidance on the best styles to choose for your wardrobe.

Do you offer payment plans?


Of course! Brand shoots and creative direction are a big investment and you’ve got a lot going on in your life. To make it easier on your budget, we start with a non-refundable deposit then split the remaining balance into two separate payments.


What Others Are Saying

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- mili

I was honestly uncomfortable with the idea of being in front of a camera. I knew having photos for my business was important, but I just didn’t feel ready. Danielle really got to know ME. Not only the message I was trying to convey in my brand, but she really captured the essence of me. I love sharing these photos. AND I can’t wait to get more photos!

she really captured the essence of me. I love sharing these photos.


Working with Danielle is easy and fun! She gives clear directions to help you look and feel your best. She really helped me relax in front of the camera

She really helped me relax


I thought having my first baby was going to be rough, but when the second one came along I was buried. I’m so grateful that Danielle was there to help me capture the joy and the struggles. I really couldn’t do it all myself.

I’m so grateful that Danielle was there to help me capture the joy and the struggles